Welcome to the East Bay Chapter of CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists), a diverse local community of professionals who seek to further the profession. We are an active membership of Licensed MFTs, LPCCs, Interns, Trainees and Associates.
East Bay CAMFT serves our community by providing resources to fit the broad 
range of needs that comprise our membership. From our
E-tree Google Group Forum, CEU Presentations, Mentorship Group,
newsletter, and socials, to our 3000 Hour Club, we are here to support
professional growth. Please contact our Administrator, Judy Benjamin, with any questions or concerns. 
 –EBCAMFT Board of Directors

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What is the Future of EBCAMFT?  

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OPEN LETTER:  To Our Members  (also below)

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For Psychotherapists

We are an association of licensed and pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) and mental-health professionals with related licenses. We are dedicated to supporting one another's professional lives through opportunities for continuing education, networking, consultation, social connection, increasing public awareness of who we are and what we offer, and participating in legislative efforts to advance our profession.

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Not Yet a Member?

Clinicians who are not members of East Bay CAMFT are invited to peruse almost all of the reading material available here on the Website. On our site you will find opportunities to earn required
CEU units, information on our organizational activities, and many other valuable services.

East Bay CAMFT, which serves both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, is the largest CAMFT chapter in Northern California. CAMFT is the professional organization for MFTs in the State of California. We began as a network in 1980, and received our charter from CAMFT in 1985. The Chapter is active in providing training, social and networking events, and public services to the community. We welcome your participation!

Your Vote!

The East Bay CAMFT Board recommends voting for the following CAMFT Board candidates

Jan Mellinger, former president of CAMFT, has provided years of service to CAMFT as a board member, Board President, and Chief Financial Officer.  
See her qualifications at www.janmellinger.com

Nanci Finley is a member of our chapter and has been an active supporter of SaveCAMFT.
She has worked in private practice as well as in County agencies.  
See her statements at Nanci Finley

We have no position on other candidates for the openings on the State Board because we don't know them enough. 

Please vote for Jan and Nanci! 

Thank you, Jürgen Braungardt, for The East Bay CAMFT Board


Help us decide on the Future of East Bay CAMFT

Dear Members,

The East Bay CAMFT Chapter Board is asking you to participate in a discussion about the future of our local chapter organization.

The East Bay Therapist organization has existed since the early 1970s; it became a Chapter of CAMFT in 1985. In recent years, since CAMFT hired a new Executive Director, our East Bay Board has spent enormous time and energy on issues of CAMFT-related governance and their lack of responsiveness to members’ concerns and needs.

Some of Our Concerns about CAMFT

We fought for more member inclusion in decision-making, against CAMFT’s hesitation to speak out on behalf of marriage equality, against secretive attempts to change the Bylaws. We were puzzled by the mysterious recall of a President-Elect, as well as the very recent unexplained resignation of two CAMFT Board members who had only a few months left in their term. We complained about the level of secrecy surrounding State Board meetings, and the lack of transparency overall, to no avail. We saw CAMFT lobbying failures in the passing of AB1775, the CA law requiring psychotherapists to break confidentiality regarding downloading child pornography. We observed a lack of initiative in regards to new and strict BBS telehealth guidelines. CAMFT has given only lip-service to dealing with Single Payer health insurance reform (improved MediCare for everyone). We do not see CAMFT addressing the most important issues to its members, such as making psychotherapy a well-paid and well-respected profession.

In early 2016, the East Bay Chapter was forced to sign a new Chapter agreement with CAMFT. The East Bay Board decided to do this only on a probationary basis. The new Chapter agreement puts additional burdens on Chapter Boards, and extends CAMFT’s control over the chapters, mostly for the purpose of CAMFT’s risk management.  

Leaving CAMFT?

The East Bay Board has discussed the situation and is considering that we, as an organization of East Bay therapists, terminate our status as a CAMFT Chapter. We are an independent 501 c.6 non-profit organization, and we can continue to provide member services without the CAMFT affiliation. The East Bay Board believes the ‘leaving CAMFT option’ can do more for our members if we are fully independent of CAMFT. We are committed to an organizational culture of transparency, democracy, and inclusiveness that we do not see at the state level.

Please note: This change does not mean that individual members lose their CAMFT membership.  You would continue to be a member of both organizations. 

Member Benefits of a New Organization

Becoming an independent organization offers the following advantages to us:

As an independent organization, we could accept local therapists who are not CAMFT members. We currently cannot do this by CAMFT rules. Many therapists would like to join the local community, but they don’t want to join CAMFT. Also, many therapists have left CAMFT in recent years, due to the struggles mentioned above. They can now rejoin our organization again.

We can expand our territory throughout the Bay Area and connect to the large San Francisco and Marin therapist communities. An integrated Bay Area wide organization of therapists makes more sense than the current fragmentation into four chapters.  

This will also allow us to boost membership and provide more member services.

We can engage in lobbying for the interests of therapists, without having to defer or wait for CAMFT to take action.

We can now address the problems of insurance reimbursements and health care reform, including Single Payer options, in a different way.

The East Bay Board will be free from time-consuming debates and activities related to CAMFT and can turn its focus to creating more opportunities for our members.

An organizational separation from CAMFT will only be the beginning of a new process. We can utilize the strengths of our community to form a new startup organization in the field of psychotherapy.

We can build connections to other organizations, provide more opportunities for members, and inform them better about the legal and political landscape in which we practice.

Leaving CAMFT is a significant change and needs to be well thought out by all our members.

Membership Meeting

The Board would like to engage the membership in a discussion about this proposed change of status. We are calling a General Membership Meeting on Saturday, March 18, at 1 pm. (Location will be announced separately.) We intend to schedule a membership vote afterward, to let the whole membership decide this question. Your participation is important: Please let us know what you think by calling (510) 692-9936, or by sending an email to admin@ebcamft.org. You are also welcome to reach out to Jurgen Braungardt, the Board President, for more feedback.


The Board of the East Bay CAMFT Chapter

Board of Directors

President:  Jürgen Braungardt

President Elect:  Don Mathews

Secretary:  Micaela Vicuna

Treasurer:  Sorrenta Stuart

Ben Jones
Galina Litvin
Neslihan Pinar
Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

Administrator: Judy Benjamin

Mentorship Program Chair: Cheryl Heinla

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